&#8220Blazers are good for work and also for casual business”

“Blazers are good for work and also for casual business”

On what occasions should I wear a blazer and when should I opt for a full suit?

A blazer is much more versatile than a full suit. It has evolved from the concept of a naval jacket and you can coordinate it with many other colours of shirts and trousers. It works equally well with chinos and jeans, and even formal trousers. A full suit is a jacket with matching pants and has limited usability and can be worn as a suit and nothing else.

Blazers are good to wear to work and also for casual business evenings or a sporty occasion. Full suits are more appropriate for very formal or important business occasions. But for those who are in professions such as banking, a suit is a must on most days.

I’m always confused as to when I should and shouldn’t put on a pair of cufflinks. Can you help?

You should wear cufflinks with a business suit. These days, they’re worn to make a cool statement—a pair of jeans and a full-sleeved dark shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks is a great semi-formal evening look. Cufflinks are a sign of formality, so you can wear them to a function where you don’t have to be completely formally dressed, but need to look well put-together, such as a dinner with business associates or a night out at a club.

I have a receding hairline and it makes me look much older than I am. I’ve been thinking of shaving my hair off and sporting a bald pate. Would that be appropriate for the office?

I agree with you. If an anti-hair loss product can’t help you, the only option is to go bald. The thing with a bald head is that it looks good when one is slim and reasonably fit or well-built. It’s a young, sporty look that is also appropriate for the office. If you don’t want to go all the way, a buzz cut, a la David Beckham, also works. But don’t worry about the state of your hair too much. After all, you’re not going to stay home if you don’t have hair, so don’t obsess about your follicles.

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