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Dorje the Royal Bengal tiger loses a stripe every time a tiger in the forest is killed. Over time, as the tiger population of India disappears, he loses them all—as we discover in Dorje’s Stripes.

Karadi Tales picture books, 150

“The writing style has consciously been kept simple and straightforward. At the same time, the books are witty and quirky. We intend to encourage children to read purely for the sake of pleasure," says Viswanath, adding that any learning is incidental.

Karadi Tales picture books, 150

Viswanath agrees that it can be a challenge to sell picture books in India. “Twenty books packed in a huge volume will sell well, but even though children tend to enjoy picture books, in the mind of the parent, it is paying too much for too little," she says. So they kept the parent in mind when creating these books.

Karadi Tales picture books, 150 each.