One of the most expensive reunion parties ever organized, X-Men: Days Of Future Past assembles characters from across the original X-Men franchise and its origin story reboot. As part of the continuing adaptation of mutants from the Marvel comics, who are forever locked in combat with various governments, we encounter Charles Xavier (old and young), Erik Lehnsherr (old and young), Wolverine (now and then), characters thought to be dead, flashbacks to older films and references to the X-Men spin-off Wolverine, starring the charismatic Hugh Jackman. Special guest status is reserved for Mystique, the blue-skinned, flame-haired and curvy shape-shifting mutant, perhaps because she has been played by Jennifer Lawrence since the X-Men franchise was rebooted.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in a scene from the film

X-Men: Days of Future Past released in theatres on Friday in 2D and 3D formats. Paid preview in select multiplexes start today.

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