Kashmir | Shufta

Kashmir | Shufta





125g paneer (cottage cheese)

25g whole cashew nuts

25g almonds

20g raisins

25g dry dates

20g coconut (dry, desiccated or fresh)

1-2 small cardamoms

20g desi ghee (clarified butter)

A pinch of saffron


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Before you begin making the shufta, keep the following prepared:

For sugar syrup, take 1 litre water and 1kg sugar, and boil together till the quantity halves.

Soak seedless dates and raisins in water for an hour before cooking the shufta.

Peel the almonds and cut into smaller pieces.

Chop cashew nuts and slice the coconut.

Dice cottage cheese into tiny pieces and deep-fry.

To make the shufta, take a thick-bottomed pan and heat desi ghee. Sautè some crushed cardamoms and strands of saffron. Add the cottage cheese. In another pan, blanch the dry fruits and coconut; strain and add to the pan along with the sugar syrup. Mix well and garnish with saffron on top.

Recipe courtesy Chor Bizarre, Savoy Suites, Sector 16, Noida.