A regular manicure/pedicure at Nail Bar is an exercise that has left me satisfied in the past. Customers are comfortably seated in a cushioned armchair with their feet immersed in a ceramic trough (with its own little water tap) sprinkled with fragrant bath salts. The pedicurists are well groomed and watching them give your every cuticle their full attention makes you feel your feet are in safe hands. It’s definitely a far cry from my neighbourhood salon.

The new and improved “Finger Facial at Nail Bar.

When I heard about the new and improved “Finger Facial" that “transforms an ordinary pedicure into an extraordinary spa service", I didn’t mind being the guinea pig for the benefit of others like me who are bored of the standard mani-pedi. While a regular 30-minute manicure/pedicure will clean, buff, massage and polish, the Finger Facial adds a few extra steps to the process that includes softening, scrubbing, mask application and finally smoothening, all with OPI products.

The good stuff

“Soften bole toh, skin soft karne ke liye (it’s to soften the skin)," said the tattooed gentleman, massaging the OPI Soften lotion into my feet. I was a bit sceptical at the start, when he approached my feet with a bored expression, but I now settled into my seat, confident that he knew his job. He scrubbed my feet furiously while another person was going at my fingers with a cuticle cutter. The furious scrubbing and a 5-minute massage must have done my feet a great deal of good, because the gentleman looked pleased as he pressed the heel of my foot lightly. “Madam, touch, it’s soft now," he said. Then he moved on to the next step, explaining the process, coating my feet with warm paraffin wax and then wrapping them in foil. While I waited for my feet to get moisturized with the wax, my hands were coated with a light green OPI mask that had a soft floral fragrance.

Two hours later, scrubbed, buffed, softened, with nails painted bright pink, my hands and feet looked all ready for the festive season. And when I touched my feet, they did feel softer than they would after a regular pedicure. The products are great and regular treatments will surely make a good deal of difference to dry, rough and tired feet.

The not-so-good

Casually throwing in a few rose petals in water for a pedicure doesn’t make for a spa experience. And when I slid my feet into it, the water was hot enough to make me squeal — not a great start. Besides, the process was just as messy, so don’t go expecting a “spa experience". At three times the price of a regular treatment, it’s not something you might opt for every few weeks anyway.

Talk plastic

A regular pedicure will cost you Rs400, while the Finger Facial (for feet) is for Rs1,200. Call 022-26045317.