Dramatic Groupings

The translucent roof over this cozy space filters the warm sun. The wooden flooring is made of reclaimed railway sleepers. The turfed area outdoors is just the place to hang out with a cup of tea in the evening .

Click here to view a slideshow of pictures showing details of the Sagar bunglow in Juhu, Mumbai

Wooden furniture, planters, lamp bases and railings reinforce the natural feel. Pradnya Gulawani

A setting with only ground arrangements can get monotonous. So a hand-painted Buddha head and a set of hanging baskets create a sense of rhythm above eye level.

Asian Impact

To ensure this backyard-facing balcony had the utmost privacy, it was covered with foliage. Ferns, a leafy, shade-loving lot, seemed like a good option for a green screen. Exotic maidenhair fern and bird’s nest ferns feature in this space.

The natural stone-clad walls on either side make the space look more like the outdoors. A tiled roof gives the setting a villa-like feel, enchanting in a modern urban milieu.

Some of the accessories are original Peacock Life designs, such as the lanterns and wood planters. The lamps are solid pieces carved from wood with fibreglass tops, painted to blend in with the dense greenery.



Air plants make furniture

We love the ‘Oxygen of Green’ table by San Francisco-based industrial designer Mingling Wang. Traditional air purifiers may improve your immediate surroundings, but are not very environment-sensitive as they consume huge amounts of energy. This innovative concept embeds Tillandsias (“air plants") into a piece of furniture instead. The plants grow without soil, absorbing water, carbon dioxide and other nutrients through their leaves, and produce oxygen at night. So the air in the room stays fresh, with no adverse impact on the environment. Wang is currently on the lookout for a manufacturer. We can’t wait to see it in the market.

Classic designs for modern homes

‘Gosling: Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors’ (Prestel Publishing, October 2009), co-authored by Tim Gosling, Stephen Calloway, Jean Gomm and Juergen Huber, should be a treat for fans of classic interiors. Renowned furniture designer Gosling’s creations, featured in the book, are timeless pieces that are up to date for modern homes, yet unlikely to look dated with time. The book details the creation of each piece, from the inspiration and through every design decision, including choice of materials and context of use. Priced at Rs2,454 on flipkart

Designs from waste

Vancouver-based designers Alex Witko and Courtney Hunt shuttle between the hardware store, studio and the city’s alleys and dumpsters. Their firm, Organelle Design, has everything from furniture to the prototype of a window in which the degree of insulation can be customized. Their most eye-catching creations, called Hangeliers, are made from wooden and plastic coat hangers. Built around bicycle-wheel rims and cast-off chain rings, the lighting fixtures are held together with zip ties or chicken wire. The Canadian duo’s mission statement on their Facebook page: “Our work starts with a simple premise: Waste is the most abundant local resource our cities have to offer." Find more of their work on Organelledesign Some of their products are sold on etsy


Mumbai-based design company Peacock Life was founded by landscape artist Neelam Sagar and her daughters, interior designer Shabnam Gupta and artist Ganga Kadakia.

Photographs by Pradnya Gulawani

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