With the onset of winter and the festive season—from weddings to Christmas to New Year—I am looking for fun, quick, inexpensive ways to add cheer to my home without being “off the shelf".

I think this is the most beautiful time of year—from the weather to the festivities—so inviting the fun into your home and lives is a splendid idea. Here are some suggestions to make your home bright, happy, warm and cozy. Wishing every reader a very merry Christmas and a happy 2008!

Berry light: Make your own candle.

String in the crystals: On curtain rods and between rooms, add long fishnet wires and hang crystals, beads, buttons or traditional Christmas decorations from them. This would change the mood of the room, but will not be a permanent part of the décor, post-festivities. Throw some loose pieces into candle jars or bowls all over the house.

Flowers in bloom: This is the time when nature is generous and many beautiful flowers are in bloom. Treat yourself to this natural magic. From chrysanthemums to lilies, from vases to potted plants, go all out. Make sure you find yourself some happy planters with motifs or simple, bright, solid colours to add that extra detail in your effort.

Throw it in: Colourful wool and silk throws for your sofa, with bright silk comfortable cushions literally thrown into odd corners, add extra seating and comfort to your space. Not to mention, it will help keep you warm on chilly evenings.

Nibbles: From cookies to chocolates, marshmallows to Christmas pudding, add jars, plates with yummy eatables to your dining room and coffee table. It is surprising how something as small as this adds so much warmth to your home and makes your place that much more inviting.

The family: On the entrance console or a wall in the family lounge, create your family tree from photographs. Nothing at this time of the year adds more cheer to a home than a collage of one’s own.

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