Work pressure is among the leading triggers for smoking, according to a survey by ICICI Lombard General Insurance, released on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day on Thursday. The survey, on smoking patterns among the age groups of 20-35 and 35-50, was taken online by 1,000 respondents across four metro cities.

It showed that certain life events, like getting a job, led to an increase in smoking. Thirty-seven per cent said they started smoking more once they were employed. The younger group smoked to relieve daily stress; the 35-50 group blamed work pressure.

Twenty-five per cent of those who cut down on smoking said they did so owing to deteriorating health; 21% attributed this to marriage, and 13% to having a child. The survey found that older women (35-50 years) smoked more than their male counterparts when at an emotional low. Forty-three per cent of the younger respondents were upfront about their smoking habits; only 27% of the older ones talked about it openly.