New Delhi: Imtiaz Ali’s romantic drama Tamasha, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, is picturesque-looking but terribly flawed, says Gulf News. The director doesn’t spend enough time on fleshing his characters and though the two actors are riveting, the conflict in their lives is not something you truly care about. Read more here

Bollywood Arena is slightly more impressed with Ali’s writing and storytelling but says the film’s classy vibe will have limited appeal outside the metros. The film looks beautiful and grand, technical jobs are superbly done and the actors, especially Kapoor, have given it their all. Read more here

For Hollywood fans, epic science fiction war film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part2 comes to India this week. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson has been called an “impressively grim mess" by Vox. The movie has great visuals but the bold and dramatic tale is likely to leave you drained and searching for answers. It doesn’t manage to trump the second instalment of the franchise, Catching Fire. Read more here

The Guardian says it’s a dystopic drama struggling for a conclusion. While the ideas of power and corruption are complex, the viewer comes out wanting some more, and perhaps, a lot less. Read more here

Ryan Coogler’s sport drama, Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson has been called “a surprise knockout" by TIME Magazine. It may take off from where the 1976 smash hit Rocky ended, but has much more grace than just a reboot. The performances are wonderful and Coogler keeps things moving so easily that you almost don’t realize how stunning it is till the end. Read more here

Rolling Stone agrees that the love letter to Rocky is a complete winner that sets itself apart from the classic. The performances are outstanding and the music score is to die for. The reviewer has already called out to the Academy Awards jury. Read more here

In the south, Prakash Kovelamudi’s Telugu romantic comedy Size Zero (also released in Tamil as Inji Iduppazhagi), starring Arya and Anushka Shetty, is a feel-good film with a great message, says Indread. Kovelamudi’s neat direction and screenplay make the film a complete family entertainer. Shetty, as always, shines in an author-backed role. Read more here

Tamil movie Uppu Karuvadu, directed by Radha Mohan and featuring Nandita Swetha and Karunakaran is a decent comedy, says The lead performances are wonderful but the film drags in the first half and doesn’t really offer anything new. Read more here

Marathi drama Shinma, directed by Milind Kavade and starring Ajinkya Deo, Kishori Shahane and Gurleen Chopra, provides average entertainment, says Zee Talkies. While the film does induce its share of laughs while delivering a social message, one wishes more attention had been paid to the screenplay to do away with the slow and uninteresting pace of most of the running time. Read more here

Several releases this week haven’t received any reviews yet. These include Tamil comedy 144, Malayalam film Thilothama, Kannada romantic comedy Rocket, Punjabi film Mukhtiar Chadha, the recolourised and digitized version of 1969 Punjabi hit Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai and Mahanayak Vasant Tu, a biopic in Marathi on the life of former Maharashtra chief minister Vasantrao Naik.