A screenshot of Chimpoo’s world.

Though the game is free to play you can buy additional benefits by purchasing subscriptions. These can now be paid for in Indian currency and the charges are 199 per month.

A screenshot of a house in Chimpoo.com.

The game, which is now a global phenomenon and has around 10 million players, was started by two Canadian developers, Lance Priebe and Lane Merrifield, in 2005. Their intention was to build a social networking platform for kids. Disney acquired the game in August 2007.

A coffee shop in Club Penguin.

In India though, Club Penguin will have to fight with an indigenous version. In March, Games2Win

Club Penguin world.

“Beyond getting kids to creatively express themselves, it is increasingly being demonstrated that allowing kids early on to dive into a digital virtual world encourages them to work hard (play games), earn money (receive coins), spend conscientiously (budget coins for clothes for the avatar and items in the virtual house) and helps them understand the dynamics of real life and learn to enjoy the cycle of work and reward," Alok Kejriwal, CEO and founder of Contests2Win, says of Chimpoo.com.