There’s water everywhere, and you may well be tired of it. How about using the power of water to soothe frayed nerves and loosen the knots in your back? AquaCentric, a new holistic physiotherapy centre in Mumbai, claims that aquatic therapy shows better results than conventional physiotherapy when it comes to physical rehabilitation and injury recovery.

Founded by Harsh Mariwala, chairman of Marico Ltd (the company that makes Parachute Coconut Oil and runs skincare chain Kaya Skin Clinic), and Amit Kohli, an orthopaedic, the centre uses water-based therapies across services like orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics and women’s health.

Aquatic therapy refers to treatments and exercises performed in water for relaxation, fitness and physical rehabilitation. The centre, located in Andheri West, has three “chemistry-controlled" warm indoor pools and underwater treadmills.

Mariwala says he worked on the concept for two years with his wife and Dr Kohli. Another centre will open in Mumbai’s Worli later this year.

“The vision was to open the best rehabilitation centre in the world," claims Mariwala. Over two years, his team and he visited aquatic therapy centres in Amsterdam, Boston, New York and Pennsylvania to bring the latest equipment and know-how to India. The centre has 10 doctors who were trained in aquatic therapy in Switzerland and advanced aquatic therapy in South Africa.

At the 7,000 sq. ft centre, water is used as an important design element to make the space feel airy and full of light. There is a gym for strength training in front of a main atrium which houses three pools, maintained at temperatures varying from 28-34 degrees Celsius, to meet the needs of different treatments. The pools are equipped with glass beads and ozone and UV-ray filters that maintain the pH levels. They also have built-in treadmills, cameras, water resistance and pressure channels. The entire facility is wheelchair-friendly; there is, in addition, a hydraulic lift near the pool area.

The best part about AquaCentric? You can walk in anytime and use it as a spa/pool replacement to ease the stress of a busy day