We’ve all been there—that feeling of gloom, the sinking feeling in the chest, a fluttering of the heart (and not in a good way). Anxiety may be the curse of modern-day living but a few simple steps can help you get in touch with the calm underneath the chaos.

“I believe anxiety comes when we have fallen out of line with who we are and have allowed life to put its demands on us," says Paula Tursi, founder of The Reflections Center for Conscious Living & Yoga, New York. “Essentially, we have lost the agency over our own lives and are now trying to plug into things that aren’t us to regain our sense of self—social media, others’ opinions about life, etc." Meditation, she explains, may not be the answer for this situation: “If the anxiety is too strong, we might not be able to sit for even a moment or two; instead, breath can be the key." Try some simple techniques that link your breathing to movements.