Delhi Art Festival, Summer ’08

Delhi Art Festival, Summer ’08

Bringing together art lovers, upcoming artists and some old names, the Delhi Art Festival, Summer ’08, at the Travancore Art Gallery celebrates Indian art.

This show will have 50 artists from all over the country. “It’s a great platform for artists who want to showcase their work," says Prithvi Soni, a participating artist.


Prithvi Soni along with Sudip Roy, another featured artist, offers you tips on what to look out for while purchasing art:

Beware of piracy

As the art world is growing, so is piracy. If you are a serious buyer, then ensure that you verify the work you are buying and the art gallery that you are buying from. With many different artists entering the fold, the number of art galleries are proliferating.

What sort of a collector are you?

Your purchase should be determined by the kind of collector you are. There are basically two types of collectors—one who goes by names and the one who buys what they find visually appealing.

Personal preferences

Even after deciding what sort of a collector you are, you must keep in mind your personal preferences. After all, you have to live with it. Every artwork is suited for a unique environment, according to its feel and composition. These are very personal things that must be kept in mind while purchasing a work of art, especially when you are investing within a budget.

Both artists say that if you are a first time buyer, it’s best to consult an art expert for guidance.

The Delhi Art Festival, Summer ’08, at Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi, from 23 to 27 April.