Cook Out | Prawn toast

David Chan, the master chef of The Lantern in Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, makes an easy prawn appetizer

Prawn toast

Makes 3


3 medium/large prawns with the tail, cleaned and deveined (make a mince of 3 prawns)

1 loaf of bread

15g white sesame seeds

5g black sesame seeds

100g spinach

N tsp salt

N tsp sesame oil

N tsp sugar

Oil for frying


Take a bread roundel, smear the mince on it and place a prawn with the tail over the paste. Add more paste on top to seal the prawn in place. Sprinkle some sesame seeds over this and then deep fry. Finely shred the spinach leaves and deep fry. Remove the prawn preparation and plate with the deep-fried spinach.