There has been a spate of new launches in the market of late. Riding on increased sales, auto makers are keen on keeping the momentum going. But unlike last year, what’s interesting is the number of new two-wheelers on Indian roads: TVS has introduced Wego, a 110 cc engine scooter. And there is the 110 cc Jive, the first executive commuter with an auto-clutch.

Enfield’s Classic touch

Gentle brute: There’s plenty of grunt in the Enfield Classic

The bike is in many ways typically Enfield in terms of its overall feel and handling. It is certainly smoother than its predecessors. Its power is not sporty—it’s not meant to be. But there’s plenty of grunt in this baby.

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The Ghost glides in

A smaller Rolls Royce, or a baby Rolls as many call it, was on the cards for some years. Since BMW took over the Rolls Royce car lines in 1999, the company was clear on moving towards a smaller, more mass car. Of course, it is all relative when you say both “smaller and mass" in the Rolls Royce sense. The Ghost is not only Rolls Royce’s way of bringing in a second model line for the first time, it is also a huge step for a brand that doesn’t really deal in volumes.

It’s a gorgeous car at first glance. So there are more flowing lines, and generally more musculature on the Ghost, and I like the fact that it doesn’t look slab-sided like its sibling. The interiors of the car are extremely well-appointed and you can choose from the most exotic wools, leathers and suedes, coupled with deep polished Malabar wood, sourced from India.

Nothing eerie: The Ghost’s four-way independent air suspension makes for a plush ride

At about Rs2.5 crore, it is one of India’s most expensive cars. But given the boom in the luxury car space, and Rolls Royce’s plan to double volumes with the Ghost, we sure are going to be haunted by these on our roads soon.

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