Apps and websites for the tech-friendly chef abound on smartphones and the Web. But what do you do if the only things available in your fridge are some canned meat, mushrooms, slices of cheese and a vegetable that looks reasonably like it was once a potato? There is no way that fridge is producing a gourmet Anatolian meal for two.

Sizzling: The Cookmate iPhone app.

A group of new services make a valiant effort at getting you to make the most of the chaos in your pantry. iPhone app Cookmate and website Supercook ( take the traditional cookbook and turn it on its head. Enter all the things you have in your kitchen.

Click search and the website produces a list of recipes you can pull off with these ingredients. And if you have laughably little in the fridge, it also suggests a few recipes that need minimal shopping. For rookie cooks and the aspiring gourmand, Cookmate and Supercook are a good way to whip up a quick meal or at least gain some inspiration.

It also makes sense to carry Cookmate with you when you’re out shopping. As you add things in your cart, tap them into your phone. Voila, you have a real-time list of things to cook when you reach home.

It doesn’t matter how good a cook you already are. Unless you have a Michelin star or two, Cookmate and Supercook are worth tasting.