This is a brand that claims its products often leave customers surprised and delighted. Anyone who has seen the Alessi Philippe Starck lemon squeezer or the Alessi Anna G corkscrew will agree. Alessi products are part of a luxury design philosophy that aims to make its user feel special.

(clockwise from top) Pirouette by Frederic Gooris; Dressed by Marcel Wanders; Hellraiser by Karim Rashid.

1) Hellraiser by Karim Rashid

“I really like the basket and the centrepiece designed by Rashid even though personally I don’t think it will be a huge commercial success. It is made of stainless steel and has too many straight and sharp lines."

2) Dressed by Marcel Wanders

“A whole set of dinnerware, flatware and glassware designed by this Dutch artiste is a completely different language of design but a very interesting project for us."

3) Pirouette by Frederic Gooris

“This desk organizer is a little object and is all about good design applied to affordable objects. A lot of times you see products you don’t really need but they are interesting and good to have around. This fits that description."