WD My Passport Studio 640GB

A stylish storage companion for PCs as well as Macs, with USB 2.0 as well as FireWire 800 connectivity, this drive is targeted at Mac users. The e-label is a constant display, similar to the one seen on desktop WD hard drives. It displays the type of data you are storing on the drive.

Byte box: The WD My Passport Studio.

We tested this drive on a PC as well as an iMac. HD Tach gave an average read/write score of 30.8 and 16.8 Mbps, respectively, whereas SiSoft Sandra gave a drive index read and write of 30.4 and 24.3 Mbps, respectively. On the PC it took 189 seconds to write a 4GB assorted file with the USB interface, and 133 seconds with the FireWire Port. FireWire 800 showed an improvement in all scores, compared to the PC speeds.

At a price of Rs10,750, we feel it’s overpriced. Many USB 3.0 drives are selling at that price point, so it’s ridiculous to shell out so much for a USB 2.0 and FireWire port.


Dimensions: 124 x 83 x 18.5mm Weight: 180g

Interface: USB 2.0

FireWire: 400/800

Cache buffer: 8MB


Price: Rs10,750


Build quality: 6.5

Features: 7.5


Value for Money: 4

Overall: 6.5

Cooler Master NotePal U1

The Cooler Master U1 fan edition is a smaller laptop cooler that can be used for netbooks as well.

Fan out: The Cooler Master NotePal U1.

This device, which does a decent job of cooling the laptop, should ideally be placed on a table. The design doesn’t lend itself to placing it on your lap. There are quite a few things missing as well. There is no fan controller or USB hub built into the cooler. The USB connector that is used to power the fan has an extender to connect an additional USB device.

Only people using their laptops on desks should buy this.


Aluminium frame, rubber padding, supports 7 x 14-inch laptops, 80mm fan

Dimensions: 269 x 210 x 53mm Weight: 355g (fan edition)


Price: Rs1,400


Build quality: 6.5

Features: 5

Performance: 7

Value for money: 5

Overall: 6/10

*Ratings out of 10

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