Kid-lit kingdom

Kid-lit kingdom

You don’t need look for a good time to curl up with a book. And you don’t need to look for a good time—or reason—to gift a book to anyone. But if there is an occasion like Diwali looming ahead, books could make a welcome change in what you’re gifting the children.

We’ve tried to make a list of some “giftable" books you could give the young ones this festive season. There are a few in the list that you could get down to reading, too. While the choice of some of these books is based on what a child can learn for others it is just the joy of reading and a little something extra. Interactivity is a common factor in most of the selection.

So go ahead and choose.

1. AGE GROUP: 0-3

Baby Touch & Feel

Priddy Books, Rs250

With life-like patches that let the child understand texture. What does a baby animal’s skin feel like? Among the choices are a woolly lamb, a fluffy rabbit and a furry kitten.

Little Princess Stories

By Tony Ross

Harper Collins, Rs75 each


By Eric Hill

Ladybird, Rs135

The story of a small lovable puppy named Spot—and his friends—who get into interesting situations (also visit

2. AGE GROUP: 3-5

Green Eggs and Ham

By Dr Seuss

Harper Collins Children, Rs150

A Squash and a Squeeze

By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Macmillan, Rs190

How a little old lady complains that her house is too small. With a little help from her friends she discovers that it is actually not the squash and squeeze she kept moaning about. Also check out Donaldson’s Gruffalo series.

3. AGE GROUP: 6-8

Runny Babbit

By Shel Silverstein

Harper Collins, Rs400

The Charm Seekers

By Amy Tree

Rs195 each Orion Books

Sesame is an earthling who goes out to another world to help the Queen-in-distress. Each of the 13 books has a charm which the child can collect. After the 13th book, the charms can be joined to make a bracelet. Party possibilities here.

4. AGE GROUP 9-12

The 39 Clues

By Rick Riordan

Scholastic, Rs475

Riordan’s fantasy-detective-adventure book invites the readers to join in as the protagonists hunt for treasure that will make them all-powerful (visit

Horrible Histories

By Terry Deary

Scholastic, Rs195

A very different way of looking at history. What did the Stone Age people use instead of toilet paper? Deary has lined up some incredible information in his series of Horrible Histories.


DK Books, Rs895

5. AGE GROUP 13-15

211 Things A Bright Girl Can Do

By Bunty Cutler

Harper Collins, Rs734

The Complete Calvin & Hobbes

By Bill Watterson

Andrews McMeel, Rs6,300

What can be a better gift than starting off someone on Calvin and Hobbes? This three-volume leather-bound collection comprises all the daily and Sunday Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that appeared in newspapers from 1985 to 1995.

The Twilight Series

By Stephenie Meyer


The next big phenomenon post-Harry Potter. Meyer’s books of vampire romances starts with Twilight (now a movie) and ends with Breaking Dawn. Tracking Edward and Bella’s romance could be a good post-Diwali pastime for girls who haven’t read the books.