Cue up the colour: The happy colours in this Florida, US, living room

Photographs by Michael Partenio; Styled by Stacy Kunstel

Bring the outdoors in: The two-tone sofa, with raffia fabric (made of African palm leaves), is Mickley’s take on outdoor furniture. “It makes you think of a wicker chair with cushions without looking—and feeling—like something that belongs on a patio," he says.

Let it breathe: Wooden accent chairs, slender lamps and curtain-free

Keep it real: “A room should function for the way you live," Mickley says. Rather than hide the TV, he hung it front and centre, then decorated around it. He centred an oversize, woven, round coffee table so that it would be accessible from both the sofa and chairs.

Don’t be too predictable: Nothing looks more serious than a room in which everything matches. Here, smooth wood and rough woven surfaces break up any monotony. The painted end table in the far corner is another change. Mickley likes to add something fun and unexpected, such as the vintage rope-wrapped chairs. “It doesn’t have to be anything expensive—just something that says ‘I don’t really belong here but, wow, I look great anyway,’" Mickley says.

Make things movable: Think of baskets as cabinets-on-the-go. They do the obvious (store the stuff), but they also make it easy to tote board games to the patio or magazines and books to wherever you feel like flopping down.

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