My Unwilling Witch Starts a Fun Park is the eighth and latest book in the series to land on bookshelves in India, but each instalment of Hiawyn Oram’s Rumblewick’s Diaries is a delight.

Gobsmacked: RB (left) is not enthused by the witch’s scheme.

All fine so far except that HA is far from being a normal witch. She is more interested in the happenings in the human world than in being a true witch. And RB has his hands full keeping things under control. He has to stretch his wits to ensure that HA does not get carried away by her longing to be on the human side of things.

Soon, HA chances upon an amusement park where she spots children taking scary rides and— to her surprise—loving every minute of being scared witless. Conclusion: Children love to be scared.

The next thought that strikes her is that she could start an amusement park herself. Using her spells, she can create far scarier rides and she thinks the park will be a great success. She decides to check out the park again with RB.

This raises RB’s suspicions and he discovers Goldtooth just wants to use HA’s skills to run his own park. He intends to keep her under lock and key. Goldtooth and his girlfriend plan to mint money out of the new fun park they are going to set up with HA’s unwilling cooperation. Following the trail, RB stumbles upon HA, who has been locked up in a trunk.

RB has to think on “his paw" to rescue his mistress. How can he take her back to the witches’ country? Are his limited magic skills enough to help HA? Read the book to find out. Narrated in a diary format, the My Unwilling Witch series is a fun read. The illustrations, too, tell their own story.

The writer is the editor of Heek, a children’s magazine.

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