Drawn to life

Drawn to life

Telestrations (2009, Funagain Games)

‘Telestrations’ is a clever variation on the ‘Pictionary’ theme, with the potential to generate much more craziness than the original. All the players pick words, draw them simultaneously, then pass their drawings to the player next to them. They must then try and guess what the drawing they’ve been handed represents, and pass on the guess to the next player, who has to now draw the guess. Hilarity ensues.

Dixit (2010, Jean-Louis Roubira)

Identik (2006, William Jacobson and Amanda Kohout)

In ‘Identik’, players take turns to be the “Art Director" who has to describe to the other players a bizarre image he/she draws out of a deck of cards. Players have to draw their interpretations based purely on the Art Director’s verbal description. Once time is up, they exchange drawings and a set of criteria for judgement is decided—at which point each player becomes a judge of how well the other “artists" did.

Scribblenauts (2009, 5th Cell)

‘Scribblenauts’ is reverse ‘Pictionary’. It’s a wonderfully whimsical video game for the Nintendo DS where you write in the name of any object you can think of, from “sledgehammer" to “jetpack". Said object appears in the game for your character to use to solve puzzles. A to-be-released sequel, ‘Super Scribblenauts’, adds support for adjectives...just in case you needed a “giant baby" to fight that “radioactive spider" you just spawned.