Did you know?

Did you know?

You can use your health insurance policy to get a free health check-up. Most health insurers reward you for not making a claim for up to four consecutive years.

For instance, if your sum insured is Rs3 lakh, then the company will reimburse your bills for the check-up for a sum equal to Rs3,000 (1% of Rs3 lakh).

How it works? You simply need to submit the bills of the health check-up and the health report to your third-party administrator (TPA), who will reimburse the amount due to you.

Who doesn’t offer? Health plans, such as critical illness and hospital cash policies may not offer free health check-up since these are “benefit" policies and cease to exist after a claim is made. Read the term and conditions of the policy to avail the free health check-up facility.

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