Cash-back credit card

Cash-back credit card

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What am I?

I am not your regular credit card. I do something more than the regular plastic. I return you cash, whenever you shop using me.

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What is my claim to fame?

Unlike other credit cards, I give you the chance to earn while you shop. You get cash rewards for purchases you make through me. The cash reward is usually a fixed percentage of the amount you spend. For example, if you spend Rs2,000 on a dinner, I return Rs100 to you. So, the dinner actually cost you Rs1,900.

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What do I get back?

Usually, you get 5% cash back when you shop at a medical store, pay hospital expenses or book a railway ticket. Use me for purchasing groceries from departmental stores and supermarkets and I will pay you back 1.5% in cash. You may also get a fuel surcharge waiver through me.

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Things to keep in mind

To make the most out of me, keep a few things in mind. Pay off the dues well in time. If you fail to do so, the cash-back you accumulate will not be credited to you. At times, I come with a limited validity period and you qualify only if you use me for a minimum required amount. Remember, there is a maximum limit that you can get as cash-back and it varies from bank to bank.