Global Political Risk Index (6)

Global Political Risk Index (6)

India improves its standing marginally and Pakistan’s deteriorates marginally in the sixth edition of the Global Political Risk Index (GPRI). Pakistan remains last in a ranking of 24 countries, but its GPRI score has declined marginally, from 45 to 44. India has moved up from being No. 12 on the list to No. 11, as fears of the government falling over the Indo-US nuclear deal have receded. The outlook for the country stays neutral, an indication that there is no imminent danger of the government collapsing. Pakistan’s outlook remains negative.

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Mint has partnered with Eurasia Group for GPRI and will run this every month. The index is a composite measure of the state of a country’s government, society, security and economy. Mint carried the fifth GPRI on 7 November. For that, and for previous editions of the index, go to

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