Flight facts

Flight facts

Imagine you are holidaying and the return flight gets cancelled. It could create immediate problems, such as finding a boarding place in case your hotel has another booking for the next day or unavailability of flights for the next couple of days.

Consequences: Money crunch, a severe one if you are holidaying abroad, and an earful from your boss for joining back late when you get back. In an emergency, a cancellation could be disastrous.

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However, take heart. The chances of cancellation of flights in India are pretty low if data provided by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, government of India, is anything to go by. In 2010, the average flight cancellation rate across domestic operators was 2.3% and it remained unchanged in April 2011.

The on-time performance rate in 2010 was 81.3% while in April 2011, it was up at 88.1%.