Ask Mint | On investments

Ask Mint | On investments

I would appreciate if you could tell me what are the equity index funds that are available in the Indian market. Also, if you could guide me to the sources or research to learn more about them before investing.

—Vijay Kumar

Key equity index funds include: Banking BeES, Benchmark S&P CNX 500, Birla Sun Life Index, Canara Robeco Nifty Index, Franklin India Index BSE Sensex, Franklin India Index NSE Nifty, HDFC Index Nifty, HDFC Index Sensex, ICICI Prudential Index Retail, ICICI Prudential SPIcE, Kotak PSU Bank ETF, Kotak Sensex ETF, LIC MF Index Nifty, LICMF Index Sensex, Magnum Index, Nifty Benchmark ETS, Nifty Junior BeES, PSU Bank BeES, Principal Index, Quantum Index, Reliance Banking ETF, Shariah BeES, Tata Index Nifty A, Tata Index Sensex A, Tata Index Sensex B, UTI Master Index, UTI Nifty Index, UTI Sunder.

For the purpose of analysing and research, some of the good websites are ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’.

I am short on the Nifty at 4,937 points. Should I cover my Nifty at current rates or should I roll over my positions to the next cycle, as the expiry is due this week?


You may wait for two days and then take a call.

If Nifty breaks past 5,060 points, it could then gain further.

However, any fall beyond 4,962 would be considered a sign of further decline.

It would be better to base your decision on levels rather than on time.