Did You Know | You can convert farmland into residential or industrial property by paying a fee

Did You Know | You can convert farmland into residential or industrial property by paying a fee

If you own a piece of agricultural land that is lying vacant, you can change its “land use", the purpose for which a land can be used by law, and get it converted into a residential or industrial property after obtaining necessary approvals from the local authority. You would also have to pay a fee for getting your land converted.

How To Apply For It

Once you have decided to change the land use, you are required to file an application to the commissioner of the land revenue department that comes under the city authority. In the application, you need to explain the purpose of conversion.

Documentation: Along with the application, you will need to attach copies of prescribed documents such as rights, tenancy and crops (RTC), mutation extract, original sale deed showing that you own the land, or partition deed for having obtained the same by inheritance, the latest tax receipt, certified survey map, among other documents. RTC contains details of the total extent of land, names of the present and previous owners, kind of soil and crop, mortgages, if any, and other details. Mutation extract refers to the mode of acquisition of the property; for instance, through inheritance or a sale deed.

RTC, mutation extracts and the certified survey map can be obtained from the revenue inspector at the village or the tehsil level.

When Does Conversion Gets Confirmed?

The land is converted to some other purpose only when the deputy commissioner or the assistant commissioner issues a conversion order authorizing the jurisdiction. The order mentions whether the land has been converted for residential, commercial, industrial, public or semi-public use. Apart from the conversion order, you will also be required to obtain a conversion certificate issued by the tehsildar confirming the conversion order and the conditions contained therein.

What Is The Cost?

The conversion charge depends on the nature of property, location and the area of the property. It varies from one state to another. Once you pay the fee, you need to obtain the receipt of the payment as proof.

Conversion Roadblocks

If you want to convert the land into industrial land and the area falls in a zone that has been earmarked in the city’s masterplan for commercial purposes, such conversion will not be allowed. Also, in case there is an ongoing pending dispute over the title, or pending tax that has to be paid, the conversion can happen only after the settlement of all kinds of dues and disputes.