Ask Mint | On investments

Ask Mint | On investments

—Sandeep Nangrani

In my opinion, you should continue with the SIPs as for long-term investors lower net asset values (NAVs) also mean more units.

When the market recovers then your chances of recovering your loss/earning profits would be higher due to averaging at lower cost.

However, you must note that you should have a time frame of two-three years for investment.

About the future of these two schemes, I think there is nothing wrong with them and they still remain attractive due to their track record.

I purchased 500 shares of GMR Infrastructure Ltd at Rs91 each. I can hold these shares for a maximum of two years. What should I do, hold or sell?


GMR Infra is sharply down due to a slump in the market. But if you remain invested for two years, I think you would be able to earn a profit on your investment.

You must note that the market continues to be very volatile in the short term and a further fall cannot be ruled out.

A downswing, however, can also be an opportunity if you have investible surplus and a long-term horizon for investment.

Is it the right time to invest in tax-saving mutual funds or will I get even better NAVs later during the year?

—Komal Ahuja

In the present circumstances, it would be better if you take SIP for tax-saving schemes.

Since the lock-in period for such schemes is three years, it would be better to start investing now rather than waiting for the year-end.

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