Hiring outlook

Hiring outlook

A Morgan Stanley survey says that since its previous survey in November, senior level hiring by the industry has gone up though the pace of hiring at the junior level has remained the same. According to 312 respondents to the survey, they have added around 5% to the workforce in FY11 and are likely to add another 5% in FY12.

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In FY12, salary growth is expected to be around 12%. On the whole, private sector salaries grew by about 17% in FY11 and are expected to grow by another 18% in FY12. Also, around 75% of the managers believe that profitability is the biggest driver for any employee action, while employee cost is the least important. The industry as a whole expects strong earnings growth in FY12 in line with the level in FY11.

Graphic by Yogesh Kumar/Mint