How you can rebuild that lost wallet

How you can rebuild that lost wallet

Imagine as you reach for your wallet to pay the cabbie his fare, you get a call you can’t say no to. With your attention diverted (multi-tasking is for the Martians), you manage to drop your wallet. Two hours later when you reach for it, it is already too late. The cold sweat of panic begins to creep through the nervous system. Given that your wallet carries some of the most important parts of your life in the form of credit and debit cards, Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, driving licence, the registration certificate (RC) of your car and the office ID, panic is the right emotion.

How to rebuild the contents of your wallet?

Credit and debit cards


Driving licence

The next most important document that you need in a hurry is the driving licence. This will be less easy than the new cards. You’ll need to visit your local Regional Transport Office (RTO) and begin the process of a duplicate driving licence. You’ll need an affidavit (sworn by you before an executive magistrate or a first class judicial magistrate or a notary public for having lost the driving licence), forms and other supporting documents.

PAN card

If you were carrying your PAN card around, this is the next card you need to resurrect. What if you don't remember your PAN? Visit Fill in the required details and see the face of your PAN card again. You will fill the “request for new PAN card or/and changes or correction in PAN" form even if you have lost the card. You will have to submit a copy of the FIR with the application. You can make an online application at, submit the relevant supporting documents, affix your latest photograph, and for around 100 you will get the new PAN in mail within a few weeks. Keep in mind that you opt for “no change in PAN option", or else you will have to inform your employer, chartered accountant and financial adviser about the change in the PAN so that your income-tax papers could get updated accordingly. Pankaj Sharma, a Mumbai-based private sector employee was a victim of wallet theft a few months back. Sharma says, “I was lucky. Though I lost the money, I received my credit card, PAN card and driving licence through post sent by an anonymous sender. Thankfully, I had not applied for a new PAN until then." If he would have applied, he would have had to surrender the old PAN. Keep in mind that having more than one PAN card is illegal. The other cards in the wallet will need the same process. You must inform the company and then follow the process to get a new card.

Of course, the only picture of a special somebody when she was five years old, if lost, will never come back. Money will buy just so much.