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Photo: Mint

Opt for trip interruption coverage to deal with mid-travel crisis

Under the trip interruption coverage of travel policy, the insurer pays for the travel arrangements made if policyholder returns home early due to a medical emergency, death or any unforeseen situation

If you travelling abroad and opt for a trip interruption coverage with your travel policy, your insurer will pay for the travel arrangements that you make if you return home early due to a medical emergency, death or any unforeseen situation. However, this feature is usually an exclusion to most travel policies and you may have to pay more to avail the benefits.

The policy also covers you if the people you’re travelling with fall sick or die during the trip. In such a situation, your insurer will demand a medical certificate (which you must procure before cancelling the rest of the trip) stating that you or your travel companion is unwell and cannot travel. If you are able to continue with the trip after a few days, some insurers will reimburse you for the additional travel costs that you may have to bear because of rejoining the trip. Having a trip interruption coverage may also guard you against other problems that may arise such as an accident, local strikes or terrorist attacks.