Ask Mint | On Investments

Ask Mint | On Investments

I hold shares in paper format of the following companies purchased during the last 40 years or so: Hindustan Oxygen Gas Co. Ltd (500), Uptron Colour Picture Tubes Ltd (1,000), Modi Cements Ltd (2,000), Delhi Cloth and General Mills Co. Ltd (40 debentures), Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd (1,000). I have been writing to these companies but all my letters have been returned with the comment “addressee not known". What happened to all these companies? What should I do? Please advise.

Brajesh Bhatia

The companies mentioned by you are no longer listed on any of the stock exchanges. You may need to contact their registered office for further action.

You may also lodge your case with the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, in this regard.

However, I do not expect much relief for you as some of these companies have already gone into liquidation. But that is the ray of hope in your case.

About the debenture of DCM Ltd, please let me know more details to track it down.

What is the near support of Sensex/Nifty? Which sector would lead the market? Please name five stocks.

M.P. Suthar

Please read Mint’s Ahead of the Ticker for more on supports and resistances of the Sensex and the S&P CNX Nifty Index at

I am planning an investment of Rs1,000 per month as SIP (systematic investment plan) in the following funds for a period of three years or more: Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Focus, Sundaram BNP Paribas Tax Saver Fund, DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund, UTI-Wealth Builder Fund-Series II, SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme 1993. Please advise.

Nattudurai. R

Your choice of funds is good and it is likely to yield you good returns in a three-year period.

However, you have not given me the details of your investments such as the purpose of investment and your risk profile.

Since three schemes out of the five are tax saving schemes, I am assuming this plan is for saving taxes as well.

However, if the tax saving angle is not involved in your investment plan, then it can be further optimized. Please write back with your purpose and your risk profile for optimized planning.

I have invested in certain closed-ended mutual funds such as JM Agri and Infra Fund, and JPMorgan India Smaller Companies Fund which have turned out to be duds. Would it be advisable to shift my money (whatever is remaining) in these funds to other equity diversified funds of the same fund houses, respectively? What is the procedure for doing so?

Gautam Motwani

I think in the given market conditions it would be better to look out for better schemes which might offer you better returns compared with your current investment.

In this regard, investment in diversified equity schemes would be a better idea, which may not necessarily be of the same fund house.

The choice of scheme would largely depend on your purpose of investment, risk profile, time period of investment, etc.

I am a retired person and have been investing in mutual funds for the last two-three years. The details of my investments are as under; (figures given in brackets are in lakh) UTI Infrastructure Fund (O.21), Funds for Wealth Building (0.05), Lifestyle Fund (0.07), Reliance Tax Saver Fund (0.15), Natural Resources Fund (0.10), Diversified Power Fund (O.15), Kotak Tax Saver Fund (0.07), Kotak Indo World Infra Fund (0.10), Fidelity Tax Advance (0.15), International Opportunities Fund (0.10), SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme (0.07), Infrastructure Fund (0.10), Lotus India Tax Saver (0.07), Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund (0.07), Birla Sun Life International Equity Fund (0.13), AIG Infrastructure and Economic Reforms Fund (0.10), ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund (0.10). Most of these funds are growth funds. Recently Iinvested 0.41 in LIC’s Market Plus Bonds. All these investments have been made for long periods, say, for two-three years. Please suggest readjustment of these schemes, if necessary.

Surinder Safaya

On reviewing your portfolio I noticed that roughly 50% of your portfolio is focused on tax saving purposes.

Though I do not know your income tax scenario, I understand your need to invest in tax saving schemes as you are a retired person.

Apart from tax saving schemes, I think some modifications are required to your investment portfolio and the inclusion of UTI Banking Sector Fund and Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Focus Fund would be good.

However, I must say, you should review your portfolio after every one year.

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