Did you know? | You need permission to alter structure

Did you know? | You need permission to alter structure

Want to add a floor or alter the construction of your house to cater to the needs of your expanding family? You can’t do so without obtaining a permit from the local authority and the fire department. You would need this permit for every single alteration you make to the existing approved structure. This applies to independent houses and those built by the local development authority. Apartments built by private builders are usually bound by individual society rules on such matters

How to get a permit?

When do you get it?

The local authority needs to sanction the permit within 60 days of the application by law. If it doesn’t, it is assumed that the permit is sanctioned and you can go ahead with the construction. However, before starting the construction in such circumstances, you need to intimate the local authority once.

Word of caution: If you go ahead with the construction without obtaining the necessary permit, the local authority is within its rights to demolish the new structure.