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Which one out of Canfin Homes Ltd, GIC Housing Finance Ltd and Gujarat State Petronet Ltd is best for investment for about six months?

Yoginder Pal Mittal

If the choice is between these three stocks only, then purely on technical basis, I will say Canfin Homes looks better on charts and can offer you decent returns in six months period.

I have 32 shares of Syngenta India Ltd for which the company has offered a buyback at Rs730. Should I hold it or surrender it for buyback as the share was delisted on 22 June from NSE/BSE? I would like to know Whether the company is planning to come back with a higher rate in near future?

Kamlesh Sharma

Listing or delisting is a management decision and hence nothing can be said for sure whether the company will make a comeback on bourses or not.

Going by the shareholding pattern post-public offer, it looks unlikely that Syngenta India will list itself.

In the light of these facts, I think it would be prudent to surrender the stock and invest it elsewhere. The market is full of opportunities and an investment in illiquid stock may not be a good idea.

I had purchased 50 shares of Gateway Distriparks Ltd in February 2006 and got 12 bonus shares. The weighted average cost of these 62 shares is Rs183. Should I sell these at loss now or is there any prospect of recovering my cost till 31 December ? Please advise.

Prakash Oak

Gateway Distriparks Ltd is a good stock and was recently in news for its plans to spend Rs600 crore on rail unit, Gateway Rail Freight Ltd. There are lots of other developments also such as cold chain expansion, which is likely to yield returns in coming months.

Technically, also, the stock is showing chances of recovery in medium to long term and if it crosses resistance at Rs171, then it may touch Rs210. I would suggest you hold this stock for six months at least.

I have 188 stocks of State Bank of India Ltd purchased at an average price of Rs644 long time back. I am making decent profit at current rate. Should I buy, hold or exit the stock?


State Bank of India Ltd is an excellent portfolio pick. However, following sharp run-up on bourses, the stock has gained substantially.

I would advise you to hold on to the stock for a target price of Rs2,200 and time frame of six months.

If you have a short-term outlook of the market, then it would make sense to book at least partial profits in this stock and buy back at the decline.

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