BarCampers set for lots of action

BarCampers set for lots of action

The itinerary for BarCamps in 2008 has already started rolling out. BarCamps, which made an appearance on the Indian landscape just about a year ago, have pioneered a unique wave of “unconferences" in the country and the start-up networking eco-system has never been so alive.

An “unconference" as the name suggests, is a forum that offers everything that a regular conference would, such as presentations, speeches and networking, but outside the formal structure of a conference. This means you will not see panel discussions on pre-determined topics of discussion.

At a BarCamp, you can be the audience and the speaker and all it would take to become one is to post your topic of discussion on the event’s wiki page. If other participants like your topic, they will turn up to hear you out, offer suggestions and maybe even help you take your idea or business plan forward.

This uniquely democratic approach to conferencing has spawned a huge number of BarCamps across the country and similar forums such as Mobile Monday Meets, Open CoffeeClubs and so on.Here is a quick update on the BarCamps that are coming up in early 2008.

19 January: BarCamp Ahmedabad at the Indian Institute of Management.

January (date not decided): ICamp (Innovation Camp) Bangalore.

16 February: BarCamp Pune IV

May (date not decided): BarCamp Delhi 4

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