NSE to sweeten Liquidity Enhancement Scheme from 2 January

NSE to sweeten Liquidity Enhancement Scheme from 2 January

Mumbai: The National Stock Exchange will sweeten the incentives provided under its liquidity enhancement scheme (LES) for S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) derivatives from 2 January next year.

With effect from 2 January, the daily cap on trade level incentives for futures will be increased to 125 crore from the existing 100 crore. Furthermore, in case of options, the daily cap will be revised to 500 crore of the notional traded value.

In addition, the cash incentives payable on the traded value of futures and the premium paid on options contracts will be increased.

Over-and-above these trade level incentives, a market participant executing a buy trade in case of S&P500 options will receive an incentive of 1,500 per crore, as against the existing incentive of 400 per crore, while a sell trade will earn an incentive of 4,500 per crore, compared to the 1,700 per crore incentive fixed earlier.

In the case of futures contracts, the trade incentive for sellers of DJIA futures and S&P500 futures will be increased to 2,100 from 1,700 per crore of the traded value.

With respect to the existing open interest level incentive structure, the cash incentive payable for maintaining open interest will be increased to 25 lakh per month from 18 lakh a month previously.

What is more, the open interest level incentive will be extended to the top ten participants, as against the existing cap restricting it to the top five participants, and will be payable on a proportionate basis.

With respect to the order level incentive structure, the existing cash incentive payable will be increased exclusively for S&P500 options by 3 lakh per month. Therefore, the cash incentive at the order level shall be paid from a pool of 21 lakh per month.

Furthermore, the existing obligation of maintaining orders on both sides in at least three calls and three puts out of the specified strikes -- six out-of-the money (OTM), six in-the-money (ITM) closer to the at-the-money (ATM) and one ATM -- will be reduced to two calls and two puts from 2 January.

The NSE has stated that there will be no change in any other order level obligations for both futures and options.

The NSE will also improve the incentives for the top five client-based trading members in terms of daily volumes in DJIA and S&P500 derivatives.

Trading members that achieve an average daily volume of at least 5 crore across clients in a month (excluding proprietary trading) and with average daily participation of at least 15 clients in a month will be proportionately rewarded on a monthly basis from a pool of 5 lakh.