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Ask Mint | On Investments

I hold some shares of the following companies:

1. Shourie Copieurs Ltd

2. Indag Products Ltd

3. Prestige Foods Ltd

4. Norplex-Oak India Ltd

Can you please tell me the status of these stocks, if they are suspended/de-listed? Can I have the money back?


The name of Shourie Copieurs Ltd was changed to OPG Metals and Finsec Ltd, which got de-listed on 20 April 2004. Indag Products was de-listed from the Bombay Stock Exchange on 2 July 2004. Prestige Foods last traded on 26 December 2001 and is suspended since. However, there was a news item related to this company in ‘The Hindu Business Line’ dated 26 September 2003. We have no information on Norplex-Oak India.

I am 33 years old and want to invest in the following funds for my retirement (after 25 years).

I want to invest for one year through systematic investment plan (SIP):

HDFC Equity (growth or G) Rs2,500 per month (pm)

HDFC Prudence (G) Rs2,500 pm

Reliance Vision (G) Rs1,500 pm

SBI Contra (G) Rs2,500 pm

Franklin Flexicap (G) Rs1,500 pm

DSPBR Opportunities (G) Rs1,500 pm

What are your comments?


Your choice is good. However, I would recommend you add some sectoral funds, such as UTI Banking Sector Fund and Reliance Diversified Power Fund, to your portfolio.

I paid Rs25,000 towards the first premium of a Ulip (unit-linked insurance plan) last year. I have to pay two more premiums of Rs25,000 each in the scheme which has a lock-in period of three years. My second premium is due this month. But looking at the market situation, I am reluctant to pay.

Should I pay the second premium or withdraw the policy? If I withdraw now, I end up losing my first premium—Rs25,000—but could still save Rs50,000 (amount due towards second and third premiums).

The bank says since it is a long-term investment, and that if I withdraw after five years, i.e., after January 2013, I might expect a huge return, even double of the premium paid.

Anindya Mookerjea

It would have been better if you had also mentioned your investment details including name of the policy and related terms and conditions. In the absence of this, it would be very difficult on my part to comment. I partly agree with your banker’s advice that since this is your long-term investment you continue to pay. However, I completely disagree on the returns part. Please do not harbour any such expectations and do not base any decision on such expectations. There could be huge returns too, but given the current economic situation, one should expect only reasonable returns.

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