Ask Mint | On Investments

Ask Mint | On Investments

I would like to know if ICICI Prudential Indo Asia Equity Fund is a right option to go for. I am ready to take risks and want to invest for two years.

Nitesh Beria

ICICI Prudential Indo Asia Equity Fund is a good choice. Its present NAV is Rs10.25 (plus entry load of 2.25% extra). The main objective of this fund is to invest in stocks of Indian companies and also those in the Asia-Pacific region and would invest up to 35% of the assets in the Asia-Pacific. However, this fund has provision for an investment of up to 35% in debt and money market instruments, which might moderate returns. Since you are ready to take risks, look out for banking sector funds and mid-cap funds.

I have shares of ICICI Bank Ltd, Lanco Infratech Ltd, Indian Bank. What are the prospects for theses shares over the next two-three years? How much appreciation I can get?

Raju Parikh

ICICI Bank Ltd, Lanco Infratech Ltd and Indian Bank all are good investments for the time frame you mentioned. As far as appreciation is concerned, I can’t say it in numbers, but it is most likely that the return on these stocks would be better than the aggregate market returns.

I have 200 shares of Millennium Beer (earlier Inertia Industries) in physical form. I want to get my postal address changed but have not been able to get the details of share transfer agent/registered office.Does this company still exist?

A. Mangal

Millennium Beer Industries Ltd regularly trades on BSE and its last closing rate was Rs40.75. The company is part of the United Breweries Group. The address is 203, 2nd Floor, 2, Community Centre, Naraina Phase-I, New Delhi–110028.

I hold some shares of NIIT Technologies Ltd at Rs283. The stock is in a downward trend. When it will go up? My horizon is six to eight months. I bought shares through Reliance Money. The order book of my demat account confirmed that shares were traded. However, the shares were not credited to my account. I was informed after a week that the shares I bought were in short delivery. Please advise.

Puneet Arora

NIIT Technologies Ltd is currently headed down, with strong support seen around Rs200. In the short term, though, you may see some upward movement in it. But I don’t see anything positive technically unless it closes above Rs271. Regarding short delivery, you do not need to take any action as of now as your delivery will be arranged through auction by the exchange and credited to your account.

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