Ask Mint | On investments

Ask Mint | On investments

I have 4,000 shares of Reliance Petroleum Ltd and 2,000 shares of PowerGrid. I bought RPL at Rs219 and PowerGrid at Rs95. Is it better to hold these shares or switch over to other shares? I am a long-term investor and can hold them for two to five years.

Surinder Bisht

If you are a long-term investor, you have made a right choice. Both Reliance Petroleum Ltd and Power Grid Corp. of India Ltd are expected to offer good returns over two to three years. Since I do not know your investment corpus, I would not be able to comment on other investment options. However, assuming that this is the total investment corpus, my advice would be to spread it across some other good quality stocks including small PSU banks, beaten down software stocks and some other PSU stocks to diversify the portfolio and hedge the risk.

We hold 112 shares of SM Dyechem Ltd from 1990 and 50 shares of Punalur Paper Mills Ltd issued in 1972. Do these companies still exist or have they merged with other firms? Where can I contact these companies?

S.K. Aggarwal

The address of SM Dyechem Ltd is: Rampart Business Center, 16/24, Bake House, N M Road, Fort, Mumbai-400001. The address of Punalur Paper Mills Ltd is: No. 13, Lindsay St., Kolkata– 700087; Tel. no: 09840376639, Fax No: (033 ) 22521495. Please note that the address of Punalur Paper Mills is for information purpose only and has been sourced from the website of Maharashtra Industries Directory. So I would request you to verify the address.

I had bought 200 Hindustan Unilever shares at Rs160. So far, returns from my investment are below average, compared with aggregate returns from the benchmarks. But the stock does not have much downward potential. Should I stay invested in this stock or exit?

Rahul Mahajan

Hindustan Unilever Ltd is a safe bet but is an underperformer. I would suggest that you invest in some better-yielding stock. Bank stocks could be a good choice.

I got subscription of Edelweiss Capital Ltd in the IPO. The stock gives me good returns at current levels. Should I book profits or stay invested?

Shweta Kapoor

Edelweiss Capital Ltd had a very good listing last week and despite the fact that the stock has recently touched its low, it still has good potential in the long term. Since it has excellent plans for the future, I would suggest that you stay invested. But if you do not have a diversified portfolio and have limited stocks, then my advice would be to book profits partly and diversify your risk by investing in other stocks.

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