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Ask Mint | On Investments

I bought 26,000 shares of JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd at Rs36.50, and I also have 1,000 shares of Media Video Ltd bought at Rs77, which got delisted. Please advise when it will get listed and about their futures.

Naushad, Mumbai

JHS Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd is currently in consolidation phase with key resistance at Rs41.50 and support at Rs29. If the stock crosses Rs41.50, then it may go up to Rs54. However, on the downside, breach of Rs29 could be treated as stop loss. This stock can be held currently with medium term (six months-one year).

Media Video Ltd is currently delisted under the scheme of arrangement, under which, the plan is demerger of real estate division of the company into MVL Infrastructure Ltd. Merger of Smart Buildwell Pvt. Ltd into MVL Infrastructure and merger of five closely held companies namely, Amigo Auto Pvt. Ltd, PAR Relaters Pvt. Ltd, Anukool Realters Pvt. Ltd, Dendrobium Property Developer Pvt. Ltd and Media Publicity India Pvt. Ltd into MVL Infrastructure Ltd. The company had set 10 October as the record date for the purpose of scheme of arrangement. However, its date of re-listing is not clear. As far as the future prospects of these companies are concerned, they may offer decent returns in medium term.

I have invested in SBI Magnum Tax Gain and HDFC Mid-cap Mutual funds. I’m 29 years old and wish to start investing a minimum Rs5,000 every month in MFs with SIP.


You have chosen the right way of investing. For investing Rs5,000 under SIP, you may choose JM HiFi Fund-Growth or SBI Magnum Balanced Fund for aggressive or balanced returns, respectively.

I hold 3,000 shares of Nagarjuna Fertilizers Ltd purchased at Rs64. Kindly advise me about the future of this stock. Currently, it is trading at a discount to my purchase price. Should I hold or exit ?


Nagarjuna Fertilizers Ltd is a volatile stock and has seen a sharp rise in the last few months. However, it has now entered consolidation phase with more downward bias. It has a rock bottom support at Rs44 and in normal circumstances, it should not fall below this level. However, on its way up it has resistance at Rs65.40.

If the stock closes above this level with good volumes, then it may see further gains, which could take it to Rs76-78. However, hold it for one-two months and keep in mind the resistance and support levels mentioned above. If you are a long-term investor, then you may partly hold this stock even longer. You should book some profits in it once it reaches its target levels.

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