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Ask Mint | On Investments

What is the target for Polaris Software Lab Ltd and Rolta India Ltd? Should I hold or sell, and at what levels?


Polaris has a target of Rs158, while Rolta has a target of Rs203 in the immediate term. These targets are strictly for trading type of calls and, thus, you should not assume these targets for portfolios, as the targets could be higher for portfolios.

I have invested in 4,000 Reliance Power Ltd shares. When will it touch an earnings per share (EPS) of 10? I have read some estimates, but could not find anything about sales and profit after tax figures. I know projects are yet to start, the first being in December 2009, and so on. Right now, is it more worthwhile to invest in Cairn India Ltd or Reliance Power? I wish to invest Rs2 lakh for three years.

Praveen Kumar Jain

Reliance Power has a current12 month rolling EPS of Rs1.8695 and price-earnings multiple of 85.45. It is difficult to say when it will have an EPS of Rs10 as it is subject to lots of assumptions and estimates.

As far as the investment in this company is concerned, if you are a long-term investor, then you may remain invested for the next two years as I expect decent returns in this period.

As far as investing more is concerned, I would recommend some other stock depending on your risk profile. If the choice is limited between two stocks only, that is Reliance Power and Cairn India, then I would suggest you invest in Cairn India.

I have 200 shares of Parsvnath Developers Ltd. Should I hold or sell? I can take high risk, and have a long-term vision.


In the present scenario, I think you should hold the stock for some time. The stock is trading close to its trigger level, which is Rs130. If the stock closes above this level with a good volume, then it would aim to touch Rs150 in a month’s time, which would be the appropriate level to sell it and invest in some other, better stock.

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