The Q Report quarterly results series II

The Q Report quarterly results series II

Editor’s Note

Another three months gone by and the tumult of graft getting caught, ministers and the line between private and public getting fuzzy, the one happy thread came from the continued buoyancy of the Indian economy. Third quarter gross domestic products for India got us all distracted from flipping through channels while catching the next scam story, to looking at what 8.90% growth means for the country and the companies we track. The macro data is powered by individual growth stories whose tale we tell through the book you hold in your hand right now: the Q2 Report. We dipped a toe into this area three months back and kicked off a new series called the Q Report. The idea? To give value-added results data to direct stock investors and other followers of the market who need these numbers in one place in a manner that makes comparisons easy. Comparisons across time, between companies and across sectors.

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The Q1 Report had 30 Sensex companies’ data and you responded saying that the idea was great, but you’re unhappy with the number of companies and lack of industry perspective. To fold in these suggestions into a useful format this time, we have hiked the number of companies, broken up the data sector wise and included two companies chosen by market cap to showcase the detailed results of the current quarter and the previous four. In addition there are ratios and numbers for other companies of the sector to give you more tools for your analysis and a quick commentary of the companies.

As always, do write back at on what you think, what we can do better or what more you’d like to see in this series. It is still work in progress and I’m counting on you, dear reader, to help us get this right.

Monika Halan


The book has been indexed in industry-wise format. The industry classification has been done on the basis of core activities of the company, which have major contribution to the turnover of the company. If at least 50% of the company’s turnover comes from activity, it has been classified under that head. The stocks have been picked on the basis of market capitalization and companies with highest market capitalization have found their place in detailed result analysis table. The other important stocks have been put in sector statistics table, which are also being picked on the basis of market capitalization and arranged alphabetically. The columns of sector statistics have three basic types of analytical components-earnings, valuations and returns. For earnings, price-earnings multliples and earnings per share are taken. Price to book value ratio for valuations and dividends yield ratio for returns.

We crunched data of over 12,00 companies to narrow down our search to 45 sectors and have included 90 companies for the detailed results. Ratios of around 1,070 companies are included in this package.