Top 10 biggest falls in Sensex history

Top 10 biggest falls in Sensex history

Fresh worries of a global economic downturn that sparked a slide in markets globally pulled down Indian shares to their lowest level in nearly 14 months on 5 August.

The 30-share bellwether index of BSE, the Sensex, dropped to a low of 16,990.91 in intraday trading, losing 702 points, before closing at 17,305.87 on short covering, its lowest since June 2010. (Click here to read full story)



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• Here are the ten biggest falls in the Indian stock market history.

• 21 Jan 2008 | Indian markets feel the US slowdown heat

Investors rushed to sell stocks, pulling down Sensex, the benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange, by 1,408.35 points or 7.41%, its largest single-day fall in absolute terms. (Click here to read full story)


• 24 Oct 2008 | Global events, RBI inaction roil bourses

Indian stocks led the fall across the world, registering one of their worst days ever after the country’s central bank refrained from reducing its policy rate in a review and a confirmation that the UK is indeed in recession, with data showing that its economy shrunk in the three months ended September — the first such decline since 1991. (Click here to read full story)


• 17 Mar 2008 | Bear Stearns keeps a bear grip on Sensex

India’s bellwether Sensex fell 6%, down 951 points to close below the 15,000 level—the index’s second largest fall ever in absolute terms— as stocks markets worldwide slumped after the near-collapse of Bear Stearns Cos Inc., Wall Street’s fifth largest investment bank, emergency actions from the US Federal Reserve and fears of more casualties. (Click here to read full story)


• 3 Mar 2008 | Sensex feels heat of farm loan write-offs, global pressure

The Bombay Stock Exchange’s (BSE) benchmark index suffered its second biggest single-day drop ever, the first day of trading after the 2008 Union Budget was presented, as plans for the country’s largest farm loan write-down added to deepening fears of a recession in the US. While the sell-off on negative global market cues was expected, the massive loan write-off by state-run banks, announced in the Budget, increased bearishness. (Click here to read full story)


• 22 Jan 2008 | Will US Fed cut provide succour?

India’s bellwether stock index Sensex recouped almost two-thirds of the record 2,272.93 points loss it suffered intra-day to close at 16,729.94, down 875.41 or 4.97%, even as equity markets across Asia continued to fall. (Click here to read full story)


• 6 July 2009 | Budget sends stocks into a tizzy; Sensex loses 5.8%

The Sensex slumped 869.65 points, or 5.8%, to 14,043.40, the most since 7 January. The S&P CNX Nifty index on the National Stock Exchange, too, slumped 5.8%, or 258.55 points, to 4,165.70. (Click here to read full story)

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The 5.8% drop in the Sensex is the biggest ever on a budget day, in many ways the markets have themselves to blame for having heightened expectations.(Click here to read full column)


• 11 Feb 2008 | Reliance Power stumbles, as does the stock market

As Reliance Power Ltd’s shares stumbled out of opening bell — they would eventually close down 17.27% — Bombay Stock Exchange’s benchmark index, the 30-stock Sensex, fell 833 points, or 4.78%, to close at 16,630 on growing global worries over slowing economic expansion. (Click here to read full story)


• 18 May 2006 | Thursday thud

At the end of a torrid day of trading, the 30-share index stood at 11391 points, a fall of 826 points, or 6.76 per cent. The previous biggest one-day fall was 570.42 points on April 28, 1992. All the 30 shares that make up the index slumped with ACC, Hindalco and Tata Steel getting battered the most and ceding over 10% each, reports The Telegraph (Click here to read full story)


• 10 Oct 2008 | Sensex, rupee, industrial growth down

The benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Sensex, and the rupee fell sharply, following the lead of US markets that closed sharply down and Asian and European markets that continued to be roiled — a result of the ongoing credit crisis that originated in the US, but had since spread to Europe and Asia. (Click here to read full story)


• 13 March 2008 | Global meltdown takes toll on Sensex

The Bombay Stock Exchange’s (BSE) Sensex lost 770.63 points, or 4.78%, to close at 15,357.35, its lowest since 31 August, as the short bout of optimism after Tuesday’s cash injections by five central banks, including the $200 billion boost from the US Federal Reserve, melted on fresh fears. (Click here to read full story)