Know your risk profile before investing

Know your risk profile before investing

Before you finally make your tax-saving investments, it is important to understand your risk profile to enable you to choose the products that suit you best. If you are an aggressive investor, equities are for you; conservative investors should stick to the debt basket; those falling in the other categories can choose a mix of equities and debt accordingly. So rate yourself through the quiz and assess your risk appetite. The next and last step would be to take a look at the comprehensive basket of tax-saving instruments under various sections of the Income-tax Act.

What is your risk profile?

This questionnaire is designed to gauge your outlook towards your investments based on the stage of life you are in with a special focus on assessing your risk profile and expectations over particular time horizons. Your profile assists in the creation of a customized investment portfolio aimed at helping you achieve your goals through different stages of life, while balancing appropriate amount of risk for you as an individual.

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Where you can save

List of deductions that you can make use of to reduce your tax burden


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This is the time of the year when you have to make the choice of the appropriate investments and insurance to save your taxes for the current year. Most taxpayers end up blindly investing in whichever avenue is easily available, without giving thought to which investment or insurance is most appropriate for them. A little bit of thought would ensure that you maximize the benefits available to you. What are the factors that you should consider when you choose a tax saving investment or insurance?

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