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Ask Mint | On Investments

I would like to know if investing in Reliance Petroleum Ltd and GTL Infrastructure Ltd as of now would be advisable with a one-year horizon. What may be the probable price at the end of the term?

K.K. Gupta

Reliance Petroleum is a good stock with a long-term perspective. Even in a year’s time horizon, you can expect decent returns. However, it would be advisable if you could hold this stock for two-three years at least.

For GTL Infrastructure, the stock has already run up quite a bit, and looks a bit expensive at current market price as far as the long term is concerned as I am expecting a better price to enter in the stock some time down the line. However, in short term, the stock may gain further and then consolidate. You may buy the stock, book profit in short term, wait for a correction, which brings it down to Rs44, and then hold for a year.

I am holding 40 shares of Sun TV Network Ltd  purchased at Rs430. What are the future prospects. Should I hold or sell?


Sun TV is currently in a consolidation phase and this trend is likely to continue for some more time. However, technically the stock looked poised for a medium-term recovery, which should be able to recover most of your cost at least. If the stock closes above Rs360, then it may witness some upward movement and may gain up to Rs449, which is a crucial resistance level.

Take a fresh call on your investment once this level is reached.

I am holding 600 shares of Alpa Laboratories Ltd and 122 shares of IVR Prime Ltd, allotted in respective IPOs. Even at listing, both scrips were listed below the IPO-price. I would like to know as to how long should I hold or book losses. Can I hold on for another four months?

A.K. Maheshwari

Technically, I am not seeing any thing great in the chart of Alpa Laboratories. You may exit this stock around Rs48 and look for a better opportunity. You may consider smaller PSU banks with a long-term perspective. Similarly, IVR Prime is not giving any positive signals in the chart and it would be advisable to seek exit around Rs460.

Can I invest in Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd at current levels of price? What are the prospects?

Uday Nayak

Andhra Petrochemicals is on a roll since the beginning of the second quarter of the current fiscal year. The stock witnessed sharp volatility in the last few days, though it gave up most of its gains. Technically, the stock is showing signs of good movement in the short term, but I think with a long-term perspective, there are better bets available in the market.

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