—Mohit Arora

Health insurance is not denied to disabled or paralysed persons. Therefore, you can approach any insurer. Before issuing the policy, the insurer will ask your sister to go through certain medical tests. The terms and conditions of the policy will be based on these tests.

Do remember that pre-existing diseases are not covered by any health insurance policy. So, unfortunately, in your sister’s case, paralysis, any ailment that caused paralysis or any complication arising out of paralysis will not be covered.

Me and my family are beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). How is it different from a normal health insurance policy?

—Santosh Rai

A health insurance policy provides you access to many private hospitals which are not covered under CGHS. It also allows you to avail cashless treatment. Sometimes, under CGHS, the patient has to pay first and then get a reimbursement from CGHS. Other than these two points, CGHS provides more comprehensive cover than other health insurance products currently available in India. For example, CGHS covers outpatient department (OPD) treatment, which is not covered under normal health insurance policies.

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