Smart Living | Style tips for men on a budget

Smart Living | Style tips for men on a budget

New Delhi: Yesterday we told the ladies how they can dress well without throwing out a fortune during an economic slowdown. Men need not be despaired. Today, we tell them how they can match the ladies on the dressing front.

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460494a4-51e1-11de-a904-000b5dabf636.flvIn the final part of our Smart Living series, we speak to fashion and image consultant Yatan Ahluwalia who gives men some style tips how to pick the right clothes for less.

Yatan guides men on wearing the most popular colors and styles and how to look their best and be fashionable for a sleek office look.

“A guy just needs to put his mind to it and without much effort, it is possible to look like quite the head turner in under Rs10,000," says Yatan.