Mumbai: Investors in India remain the most optimistic in the world, with 86% expecting local stockmarkets to rise and 97% fairly sure of reaching their financial goals, according to Franklin Templeton’s 2015 Global Investor Sentiment Survey (GISS).

Last year’s survey had also shown that of all countries surveyed, India’s investors were the most optimistic about prospects of the domestic stock market. This year’s survey polled investors in 23 countries in developed and emerging markets.

“The (last year’s) survey was taken before the victory of now-Prime Minister Narendra Modi, so it appears that many people were likely feeling a renewed sense of hope for the future—and India’s stock market proved to be one of the best performing in 2014, up nearly 30%," Franklin Templeton said in a blog post on 15 May.

“I think there are reasons for investors in emerging markets to be optimistic—including those in Brazil. Equally, it would not be surprising to us to see short-term market corrections take places which have seen significant rallies over the past year, such as India and China," Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group at Franklin Templeton Investments, said in the blog.

The 2015 survey showed investors living in emerging markets, as well as those 25 to 34 years old in both developed and emerging markets had the highest appetite for foreign investments.

Nearly seven out of 10 investors surveyed expected the best equity returns to be outside their home country this year.

“In my view, global diversification is important as it’s difficult to predict which markets will ultimately prove to be the best—or worst—year after year," said Mobius.

The majority of investors in the US and Canada were optimistic about their local stockmarkets, and collectively, 64% of the respondents in these two countries expected their respective stockmarket to rise this year. On the other hand, investors in Latin America were pessimistic, with only 46% expecting their local stockmarket to rise this year.

Meanwhile, in Asia, including Australia, 56% of all investors surveyed expected their local stockmarket to rise. Investors in China showed one of the most dramatic upward shift in sentiment from last year; the survey showed a 12% jump in investor optimism.