Mobilists take a peek at emerging trends

Mobilists take a peek at emerging trends



16 December

MoDeMo: The Mobilists Show and Tell—the year-end event from Mobile Monday’s Bangalore chapter on Sunday was hosted by ThoughtWorks and supported by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom).

The event saw participation from mobile geeks, early adopters, trendsetters and entrepreneurs who demonstrated some cool stuff around the mobile and the Web.

Proving yet again that a community on an average is more intelligent than the individual, MoDeMo saw some provocative statements, curious questions, sensible arguments and wise insights.

The mobilists (industry jargon for mobile enthusiasts), some of whom had flown in from other cities, spurred on an animated participation in the demos that ranged from mobile applications for rural India, to mobile sharing, social networking, location services, gaming, mobile browsers, mobile photo blogging, answer engines and search and so on.

If the response to a particular mobilist’s demo of hacking the Apple iPhone was anything to go by, then I have to state that the attendees were clearly in awe of mobilists. I am certain that I heard some whistling from the crowd.

The event ended with a retrospective on what had been the Indian mobile story thus far and what this community saw as trends for 2008. Applications in mobile–Web and mobile advertising emerged as clear trends. However, there were no clear answers how money would be made. The search continues.

S.R. Raja is a telecom versatilist, entrepreneur and consultant. He currently consults with Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd and is on the board of a wireless start-up. He is also one of the founder trustees of the Bangalore chapter of Mobile Monday .